List of documents
for a Schengen visa

Welcome to the official website of the visa application center of Hungary!

Pony Express is the official service provider of the embassy of Hungary in Moscow.


The visa application center provides services on the reception of documents for short-stay Schengen Visas of category C ordinarily or urgently.

Receiving of Schengen Visa of category C is necessary if you are planning to visit Hungary with business, tourist or private purposes and the length of your supposed stay in Schengen Zone is not more than 90 days during half-year in sum.

Dear applicants, please note that documents will be accepted by Visa Application Center of Hungary only from:

  • Citizens of Russian Federation;
  • Third country nationals legally residing in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Accredited travel agencies.


Since 14 September 2015 applying for Schengen Visa presupposes biometric data (finger print) collection. That’s why applying for Schengen Visa is not possible without personal presence.

Applicants have not reaches 12 years are liberated from biometric data collection.

Finger-printed applicants are liberated from biometric data collection for next 59 month in representative offices of any Schengen countries using United Visa Information System.

If an applicant changed his passport and if transliteration of his/her name was changed during last 59 month, he should submit biometric data again.